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Updated 08/19/06


Why the Stillen Sucks name for my address?

If you want to know why the web address to my site is, go here to find the details.  Besides that, since I own the URL name, I thought I might as well use it, as it is a lot easier to remember than  Using either of these addresses will get you here, so use whatever is easier for you to remember. 

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Links - The site for Z32 enthusiasts - All Nissan site with a ton of 240SX discussion & info - 240SX dominated site - My friend Joe K's homepage

    Kevin's 510SR Site - My friend Kevin N's 510SR site - The only shop that touches my cars besides myself - US contact for JDM parts and 240SX/SR20DET swap experts - Coz is the man for Nissan OEM parts as well as

                                               aftermarket Z parts - Great source of hard to find JDM parts - Great source of 240SX and SR20DET parts - Great source for hard to find and custom SR20DET





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