Intercooler Air Ducts

Updated 2/6/04


My only issue with this product is why couldn't the parts be provided with the holes already on the parts for mounting to the intercoolers.  It would have been a lot easier for someone with a CAD system to figure out exactly where the holes should be located rather than for the person installing them on the car.  The reason for the difficulty when the part is on the car, is that the ducts actually cover up the threaded holes.  The holes could have been placed in the mold for the part or they could have been post machined into the part using a jig or fixture for proper locations.  As a last resort, a template could have been provided to give the exact locations for drilling the holes.

I realize that this might be a minor issue for most people, but it could have been so easy to take the extra step to make it easier for the eventual end user.