Front Tension Rod Review

Updated 2/6/04


These work as advertised.  Many have complained about the surface finish that allows rusting.  Although mine also show signs of rust, it is not a concern as it is only a surface condition and there is no way that the part will rust all the way through.  The latest catalog shows that the finish has been changed so there should be no further rust issues.

In addition to provided a way of adjusting caster on our cars, they also help firm up the ride and really help steering response.  I remember the first drive that I took and remember how much more precise the steering felt. 

One thing that I would like to see is some type of markings on the rods near where the adjustment collars are to indicate maximum adjustment or minimum thread engagement.  My tensions rods get a lot of adjustment due to all the open tracking I do.  The last time they were adjusted, the tension rod collapsed during the test drive of the car.  Thank god it happened there and not at the track.  The rod had been adjusted so much that there were very few threads left holding one of the collars.  It is not readily apparent as the the most of the threads are hidden.  This is not a issue particular to the Stillen part as all the other competing adjustable tension rods have the same characteristic.

One final comment:  This particular part shows just how quickly the Z32 and the entire compact sport car aftermarkets have evolved.  It was not too long ago that Stillen was the only source of adjustable tension rods for the Z32.  Today, there are so many domestic and foreign manufacturers and retailers that it is simply amazing. Just to name of few off the top of my head - JIC, Cusco, Tein, Kazama, SPL, SGP, Top Speed, etc...............  Truly mind boggling if you ask me.